Welcome to the official website of CHAN-SCCP, an Asterisk SCCP channel driver.

What is chan_sccp?
chan-sccp is the real working Skinny Control Client Protocol channel driver for Asterisk open source pbx.
It permits the native operation of Cisco Systems' IP phones with Digium's Asterisk Open Source Pbx.
chan-sccp supports Asterisk versions 1.2, 1.4, 1.6.0, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.8.0 and current 1.10 trunk.

Main advantages
- The SCCP firmware is native - that is what the phone hardware was build for
- The SCCP firmware is a lot faster than the SIP firmware (look at the response times!)
- The SCCP firmware has more features (XML is fully working)
- The Sound quality on call and even of the ringers is significantly better with the SCCP image
- Central administration - SCCP phones are configured by the server

Full supported devices are:
Cisco 12SP+, Cisco 30VIP, Cisco 7902, Cisco 7905, Cisco 7906, Cisco 7910, Cisco 7911, Cisco 7912,
Cisco 7931, Cisco 7935, Cisco 7936, Cisco 7937, Cisco 7940, Cisco 7941, Cisco 7941GE, Cisco 7942,
Cisco 7945, Cisco 7960, Cisco 7961, Cisco 7961, Cisco 7961GE, Cisco 7962, Cisco 7965, Cisco 7970,
Cisco 7971, Cisco 7975, Cisco 7985, Cisco ATA 186, Cisco IP Communicator, Nokia ICC Client,
Cisco 6921, Cisco 6941, Cisco 6961, Cisco Wireless Phone 7920, Cisco Wireless Phone 7921,
Cisco Wireless Phone 7925, Cisco Phone Expansions 7914/7915/7916, Kirk Servers with Skinny Firmware

Mailing list:
If you want to join or leave our mailing list 'users@chan-sccp.org' use the options below

Support my work:
If you think that my chan_sccp version is useful for you, please make a donation so I can continue to work on the source code. If you want to donate a cisco phone to get it working with chan_sccp, please contact me by mail.